Package org.jgrapht.demo

package org.jgrapht.demo
Demo programs that help to get started with JGraphT.
  • Classes
    Demonstrates how to create a complete graph and perform a depth first search on it.
    This class is a demonstration program for creating a dependency chart, directed graph, then locating and outputting any implicit loops, cycles.
    This class demonstrates some of the operations that can be performed on directed graphs.
    Demonstrates how to use GraphTypeBuilder and GraphBuilder.
    This class demonstrates exporting and importing a graph with custom vertex and edge attributes in GraphML.
    A simple introduction to using JGraphT.
    A demo applet that shows how to use JGraphX to visualize JGraphT graphs.
    An example of how to apply edge labels using a custom edge class.
    Implementation of <a href = ""> Parberry's algorithm</a> for <a href = "">closed knight's tour problem</a>.
    A simple demo to test memory and CPU consumption on a graph with 3 million elements.
    Implementation of <a href = "'s_rule">Warnsdorff's rule</a> - heuristic for finding a knight's tour on chessboards.