Class GraphBuilder<V,E,G extends Graph<V,E>>

Type Parameters:
V - the graph vertex type
E - the graph edge type
G - type of the resulting graph

public class GraphBuilder<V,E,G extends Graph<V,E>> extends AbstractGraphBuilder<V,E,G,GraphBuilder<V,E,G>>
A builder class for Graph. This is a helper class which helps adding vertices and edges into an already constructed graph instance.

Each graph implementation contains a static helper method for the construction of such a builder. For example class DefaultDirectedGraph contains method DefaultDirectedGraph.createBuilder(Supplier).

See GraphTypeBuilder for a builder of the actual graph instance.

Andrew Chen
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    • GraphBuilder

      public GraphBuilder(G baseGraph)
      Creates a builder based on baseGraph. baseGraph must be mutable.

      The recommended way to use this constructor is: new GraphBuilderBase<...>(new YourGraph<...>(...)).

      NOTE: baseGraph should not be an existing graph. If you want to add an existing graph to the graph being built, you should use the AbstractGraphBuilder.addVertex(Object) method.

      baseGraph - the graph object to base building on
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