Interface PlanarityTestingAlgorithm.Embedding<V,​E>

  • Type Parameters:
    V - the graph vertex type
    E - the graph edge type
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    public static interface PlanarityTestingAlgorithm.Embedding<V,​E>
    A combinatorial embedding of the graph. It is represented as the edges ordered clockwise around the vertices. The edge order around the vertices is sufficient to embed the graph on a plane, i.e. assign coordinates to its vertices and draw its edges such that none of the cross.
    Timofey Chudakov
    • Method Detail

      • getEdgesAround

        java.util.List<E> getEdgesAround​(V vertex)
        Returns the clockwise order of edges incident to the vertex
        vertex - the vertex whose incident edges are returned
        the clockwise order of edges incident to the vertex
      • getGraph

        Graph<V,​E> getGraph()
        Returns the underlying graph
        the underlying graph