Class DOTExporter<V,E>

Type Parameters:
V - the graph vertex type
E - the graph edge type
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class DOTExporter<V,E> extends BaseExporter<V,E> implements GraphExporter<V,E>
Exports a graph into a DOT file.

For a description of the format see

The user can adjust the behavior using the various providers.
Trevor Harmon, Dimitrios Michail
  • Field Details


      public static final String DEFAULT_GRAPH_ID
      Default graph id used by the exporter.
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  • Constructor Details

    • DOTExporter

      public DOTExporter()
      Constructs a new DOTExporter object with an integer id provider.
    • DOTExporter

      public DOTExporter(Function<V,String> vertexIdProvider)
      Constructs a new DOTExporter object with the given id provider. Additional providers such as attributes can be given using the appropriate setter methods.
      vertexIdProvider - for generating vertex IDs. Must not be null.
  • Method Details

    • exportGraph

      public void exportGraph(Graph<V,E> g, Writer writer)
      Exports a graph into a plain text file in DOT format.
      Specified by:
      exportGraph in interface GraphExporter<V,E>
      g - the graph to be exported
      writer - the writer to which the graph to be exported