Interface VertexColoringAlgorithm.Coloring<V>

Type Parameters:
V - the graph vertex type
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public static interface VertexColoringAlgorithm.Coloring<V>
A coloring. The colors are between 0 and $n-1$ where $n$ is the number of vertices of the graph.
  • Method Details

    • getNumberColors

      int getNumberColors()
      Get the number of colors.
      the number of colors
    • getColors

      Map<V,Integer> getColors()
      Get the color map.
      the color map
    • getColorClasses

      List<Set<V>> getColorClasses()
      Get the color classes. A subset of vertices assigned to the same color is called a color class; every such class forms an independent set. This method returns a partitioning of the vertices in the graph in disjoint color classes.
      a list of color classes