Class GmlExporter<V,​E>

  • Type Parameters:
    V - the graph vertex type
    E - the graph edge type
    All Implemented Interfaces:

    public class GmlExporter<V,​E>
    extends BaseExporter<V,​E>
    implements GraphExporter<V,​E>
    Exports a graph into a GML file (Graph Modeling Language).

    For a description of the format see http://www.

    The behavior of the exporter such as whether to print vertex labels, edge labels, and/or edge weights can be adjusted using the setParameter method. When exporting labels, the exporter escapes them as Java strings.

    Dimitrios Michail
    • Constructor Detail

      • GmlExporter

        public GmlExporter()
        Creates a new GmlExporter object with integer id providers for the vertex identifiers.
      • GmlExporter

        public GmlExporter​(Function<V,​String> vertexIdProvider)
        Constructs a new GmlExporter object with the given id providers.
        vertexIdProvider - for generating vertex IDs. Must not be null.
    • Method Detail

      • exportGraph

        public void exportGraph​(Graph<V,​E> g,
                                Writer writer)
        Exports an graph into a plain text GML format.
        Specified by:
        exportGraph in interface GraphExporter<V,​E>
        writer - the writer
        g - the graph
      • isParameter

        public boolean isParameter​(GmlExporter.Parameter p)
        Return if a particular parameter of the exporter is enabled
        p - the parameter
        true if the parameter is set, false otherwise
      • setParameter

        public void setParameter​(GmlExporter.Parameter p,
                                 boolean value)
        Set the value of a parameter of the exporter
        p - the parameter
        value - the value to set