Class BlossomVOptions

  • public class BlossomVOptions
    extends Object
    BlossomVOptions that define the strategies to use during the algorithm for updating duals and initializing the matching

    According to the experimental results, the greedy initialization substantially speeds up the algorithm.

    • Field Detail


        public static final BlossomVOptions[] ALL_OPTIONS
        All possible options
    • Constructor Detail

      • BlossomVOptions

        public BlossomVOptions​(BlossomVOptions.InitializationType initializationType,
                               BlossomVOptions.DualUpdateStrategy dualUpdateStrategy,
                               boolean updateDualsBefore,
                               boolean updateDualsAfter)
        Constructs a custom set of options for the algorithm
        dualUpdateStrategy - greedy strategy to update dual variables globally
        initializationType - strategy for initializing the matching
        updateDualsBefore - whether to update duals of the tree before growth
        updateDualsAfter - whether to update duals of the tree after growth
      • BlossomVOptions

        public BlossomVOptions​(BlossomVOptions.InitializationType initializationType)
        Constructs a new options instance with a initializationType
        initializationType - defines a strategy to use to initialize the matching
      • BlossomVOptions

        public BlossomVOptions()
        Constructs a default set of options for the algorithm