Class Cycles

  • public abstract class Cycles
    extends Object
    Collection of helper methods related to cycles.
    Dimitrios Michail
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      • Cycles

        public Cycles()
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      • simpleCycleToGraphPath

        public static <V,​E> GraphPath<V,​E> simpleCycleToGraphPath​(Graph<V,​E> graph,
                                                                              List<E> cycle)
        Transform a simple cycle from an edge set representation to a graph path. A simple cycle contains vertices with degrees either zero or two. This method treats directed graphs as undirected.
        Type Parameters:
        V - graph vertex type
        E - graph edge type
        graph - the graph
        cycle - the simple cycle
        the cycle as a graph path
        IllegalArgumentException - if the provided edge set is not a simple cycle (circuit)